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Web Hosting Rating
Saturday, 8 May 2010/ 17:17/
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Web Hosting Rating

Need help with web hosting? Is your head spinning after discovering too many web hosting providers with great offers, but do not know if they are any good? Need unedited and honest reviews by real customers? You're in luck, because WebHostingRating is an independent web hosting directory with unedited web hosting reviews by real customers.

They actually have many video tutorials! Just click on the link and select one of the categories and start learning by watching. As if that's not good enough, they also have a Best Web Hosting Awards, an award given to the best in each categories, carefully examined by experienced webmasters.

Or are you a beginner wanting to learn more about web hosting, domain names, seo, webmaster tools, and other general web development? Check out WebHostingRating's awesome hosting guide. It has tips, and answers to commonly asked questions. With 68 pages of contents in hosting guide, you are bound to find what you need!

Other than the awesome hosting guide, they also have a buying guide. It provides tips and informations that you'll need to know before buying, so you can avoid bad web hosting provider with awful service or weak stability, making it easier for you to choose the best web hosting.

Once in a while, they will have some web hosting offers, promotional and discount coupons on their site. Just click on your favourite web hosting provider reviews, and check the right sidebar under Discount Coupons and see if any if available!

Want the best and cheap web hosting provider? Just go to their homepage, and you'll immediately see the list of Best 10 Cheap Web Hosts 2010. To make things even better, just tick on the web hosting providers you're interested in or select all, then click Compare Plans, and you can compare the features side by side easily!

If you like them, you can follow them on Twitter, or like them on their Facebook fanpage.


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