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Top Wordpress Themes
Saturday, 26 June 2010/ 10:38/
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Are you a Wordpress user? Are you looking for a new theme for your Wordpress blog, or want a change to a new Wordpress theme?

Check out Top Wordpress Themes, TopWPThemes.com to choose a perfect Wordpress theme for your Wordpress blog!

It has plenty of themes professionally designed wordpress themes to choose from, from fun to simple designs, and even holiday themes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and more!  I'm sure you can find something you like, or even just a temporary theme to match the upcoming holiday.

You can browse themes by category to save some time, maybe for themes with 2 columns or 3 columns, or even 4 or 5 or 6 columns! Or maybe you like themes by a certain designer you like on the site (such as Hpa, Lorelei, Voidix, and Zinruss), or is Adsense ready or widget ready. Or maybe you prefer your sidebar to be on the left, or right. Or your blog width to be fixed.

If you do not know how to install a theme to your Wordpress blog, TopWPThemes has a guide on installing a theme to help you.

Or you can browse the short list of best Wordpress themes to see the most downloaded / top rated / favourite themes. They are all professional yet good looking themes.

You also can preview a theme before downloading and installing it, and rate and comment on the theme!

You can also view Wordpress web hosting for a list of top 10 recommended web hosting for your Wordpress blog, which also include 1-click WordPress install and a lot other features!

Well, if you don't read English, or is not good in English, or prefer to see the blog in another language, you can click on one of the many country flags on the sidebar and translate the site to your preferred language! Even though it is not wordy or a lot to read, but you might prefer to read it in your favourite language.


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