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we say goodbye
Friday, 25 June 2010/ 22:24/
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Dear Diary,

Today is the last day in our school for Pn. Tan! :'( She's my additional mathematics and mathematics (now another teacher teaching maths, but still..) teacher, and she's an amazing teacher. :D

ivy tan, fionachan, fiona chan, smk seksyen 1 bandar kinrara, smks1bk, 5 alpha 2010, 5 alfa 2010

I can't believe she's leaving us months before our SPM. I can't believe she's leaving us. I can't believe she's leaving. I can't believe...

I never thought that she would leave us! :'( Especially not now, anyway. Now I have to pay even more attention during tuition. :/

Selfishfiona does not want to let Pn. Tan go, and share her with a bunch of strangers from other school. Selfishfiona doesn't do sharing. But selfishfiona cannot do anything, so now I'm helplessfiona, wtheck. But wait, I have a whole bunch of helpless5alpharians accompanying.

Don't want to write until so... detailed and touching. I refuse to cry and turn into crybabyfiona again.

Dear the amazing Pn. Tan,

We surely will miss you, and we love you! Thank you for everythinggggggg! You've been nothing but a great teacher!

I hope you enjoy your new school, and the daily one hour drive there. :x

ivy tan, fionachan, fiona chan, smk seksyen 1 bandar kinrara, smks1bk, 5 alpha 2010, 5 alfa 2010

Farewell teacher, good luck and take care! We love you lotssss! ♥♥♥♥

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