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sorry, you got the wrong number.
Tuesday, 22 June 2010/ 13:45/
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Dear Diary,

Some stranger just called me. He asked for someone I don't know. He obviously called the wrong number, or the someone did not update him with his/her new number. Wrong number, normal thing, right?

The weird thing is, he asked a lot of questions too! He asked me my name. I shouldn't have told him. -__- Then, he asked where I'm from. What do you need it for?!?!?!

Oh he also asked about which company do I work for. Later he asked if I'm still studying. -___-

The worst part is, he actually asked me A LOT of times, "How come I have your number saved in my phone?". HOW. WOULD. I. KNOW!? It's YOUR phone, why are you asking ME?

Seriously, I don't see how these informations could help you to reach whoever's you're calling.

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