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Sony Music Malaysia is the best!
Wednesday, 16 June 2010/ 18:24/
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Dear Diary,

Diary, I hope you've realised that I actually got qutie a lot of freebies thanks to Sony Music Malaysia. What do you mean you don't? I've written about it on YOU for a few times, darling!

Sony Music

Maybe you'll remember if I refresh your mind.

Remember the awesome AUTOGRAPHED Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted CD + DVD?
kelly clarkson, all I even wanted, autographed

Or the Amazing GLEE Notebook?
glee, rachel berry, lea michele, finn, noah puckerman, puck, artie, tina, mercedes, kurt hummel, star world

and also This signed copy of Danell Lee Live In Concert CD + DVD?
danell lee, autographed

Now you remember? :D Good.

How do you think I got them? It's all thanks to their very very up to date and active fanpage (the Glee notebook thanks to goodboygonebad.com :D but Sony Music Malaysia sponsored, if I'm not mistaken). They're amazingly generous and listens to what their fans say too. They have tons of giveaways and contests.

I've been a fan at their fanpage and their twitter follower for very long and I absolutely love what they're doing and their improvements! They're friendly and down to Earth, far from snobbish and etc. They even agreed to snailmail my Kelly Clarkson Autographed CD + DVD to me, complete with bubblewraps. :( *touched*

Plus, they have a lot amazing artists under them, so they have updates and contests for the fans of their amazing artists! They had this contest for Alif Satar fans, to star/appear in his music video!!! That's a very attractive prize, if you're a fan of him or you just really want some fame.

They also share a lot of pictures from some events or something, very kind of them. :D Just see below. Beware, super long picture.

I made it smaller-ish so you can click on it for full size.


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