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one goal closer to winning
Tuesday, 15 June 2010/ 22:57/
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Dear Diary,

I just watched the summarized version of 2010 FIFA World Cup, well but now I'm here because I stopped watching. I have headache.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching it! No, I didn't think that so many men chasing for a ball is silly. It's just a sport. But it's not really that part that I enjoyed, so diary, stop laughing.

Their excitement and joy when they goaled, how they all rush to hug each other weirdly (awww...), or rush to the substitutes are and hug each other (awww...). Oh if the guy sort of fell (weirdly) on the floor, they sort of stack on top of each other (aww...). Sooooo sweet. Whoever videographed that even slowmotioned the moments! Awwwwwwwwww.. I guess sometimes they either get too happy or too busy or too-shocked-and-don't-know-what-to-do, then they saw the hugs and they were kind of late-ish for hugs, so they actually just touch their heads or something. HAHAHA aww...

Ha, I actually also really like when they fight or cheat or fall down. Hahahaha! Then the random guy would come up and show the red card while the football guy tries to defend himself... and fail. Nyehehe.


Not to forget, the funny faces they make. The videographer sometimes slowmotion those too. -___- No wonder when you google football or some football player's name you can see him/them playing really hard, by their faces. The faces can be so cute or so ugly or just simply funny. :D Or when they get angry or angry+sad when the other team goaled.

Okay enough. Good bye diary. I have so many drafts...

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