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candyprison blogiversary on FionaChan's Day
Friday, 4 June 2010/ 23:06/
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Dear Diary,

Today is my day. MY DAY! SERIOUSLY!!!
First of all (also the most important of all), *tries to control myself*

agfahfakufjbasfhgksfvh ASHTON KUTCHER REPLIED ME ON TWITTER hasfgkianbf hakl *catches breath* akjfaskhvfklasbfaskjbfaslfakjb *pauses* fjoabfjklsfhksjafafajsbfaslbj

*pauses for picture*

*unwillingly resizes the picture to fit blog*

MAD STARSTRUCK RIGHT NOW. This made my day! or week, or weeks, or month, or months! My life is now quarter-complete. HE SENT ME TO HEAVEN OMG!! With just one tweet. I'm ridiculous, I know.

*hears someone talking and turns around* What? What more? Who's Demi More? Wait, what do you mean you're shocked?

Just joking, I know and I like Demi Moore! :D

lol at the accounts that retweeted. Ignore Ashton's typo. It only made that tweet even more special. :D

Wait, I forgot this one.

It even got translated!!!! -________-

few hours later (to calm myself down)..

OK, what's the main topic of this post again? OH, oh, my day!

Today is my (and Syn Jie's) second blogiversary! I actually started blogging around 2007. I can't find a convincing post for the real date I started blogging though, unless anyone remembers what my first post was.

Then I closed the blog. :D I moved the original blog to another link, then I created a new blog with the same link, revamped my blog, and reopened. :D With Syn Jie (Josh Tan)!

Both of us changed our blog link once I think.

Thus, I get to share my blogiversary with good friend! :D

Happy 2nd blogiversary to candyprison and surferic-island!

Third. LOL I went to Maybank and banked in through the counter. I feel so adult! I have only banked in thrice (through cash deposit machine), and all 3 times failed! I had to trouble Patrin to bank in for me, without me. :( Thanks Patrin!

They're not very... bank-dummies-friendly, probably no banks are. Even filling out a single form was confusing. -__- They should put a guide thingy around the bank, just in case a bank newbie and dummy comes in. *nods* I'm serious. Not everyone can figure out how to work everything bank-related. Go make a VERY detailed guide already, on everything.

The girl I got was.. cold, unfriendly, smileless, slow and... boring. She even kind of ignored me. -__- Excuse me, I'm right here talking to you, give me some response so I know I didn't wear my Invisibilty Cloak by mistake.

Fourth should be.. watching Killers starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl! This is what made the 1st thing on this little list happen! It's a comedy-romance-action movie. I really love the movie! It's better than what I expected! Plus, today is the release day of the movie. I've never watched a movie on the release day, only other days, and premieres.

I was so focused on the movie I didn't really feel like eating the popcorn lmao. Of course I ate. Or maybe I didn't have the popcorn-mood. Then again popcorn can be really annoying with the "unpop"corn. They're like those uneatable seeds of a fruit.

Stupid cinema, it was really cold. While walking towards the cinema hall's exit, I struggled a bit to walk without falling down. Then we went to the toilet to warm our body up with the hand dryer thingy. :D They can be so incredibly useful, you know?

Fifth.. *cheeks burning with guilt*I splitted with Kritz and KM after shopping in Starbucks, so I could use their wifi for a while. Then I went to MPH Bookstore for something, and the staffs were really nice and helpful and friendly! Even though they couldn't (thus didn't) help much, but I'm really happy with their service. :D At least they tried! The guy who lead me to the right counter for that issue, saw me when I was leaving and asked how did it go (lol sounds like it was a serious matter, but it wasn't, of course). *touched*

Syn Jie, this is why I love calling big companies (unless they're famous for being arrogant), these people are really nice. Of course, you'd get some bad ones, but the awesome ones could always make it up. :D

Sixth. Packages for me, in my mailbox! I always love receiving them, but I don't trust Malaysia's postmen or custom people, I can't. They stole my packages before. *glares* Also, it takes forever for an oversea package to reach my mailbox!! It could reach Malaysia and get approved by the custom in 5 days, another 2 days to reach the mail centre, but 2 or 3 weeks to reach my mailbox! Seriously.

Fine, let's just say that's normal and okay, they have who-knows-what to check and etc. But dear Malaysia, stealing packages is low. I think I lost a few since I never receive them. *glares again* I hope they give mail thieves much bad lucks.

Okay, that should be all.. I'm not sure. I'm really sleepy right now. Overally, 4th of June 2010 is awesome! Mad awesome day! No one decided to ruin it for me like how someone did yesterday. Yesterday was supposed to be a day full of exam-free happiness. Thanks for ruining it!

Sorry to my darling friends that weren't informed or invited to this outing! *sends apology hugs* I didn't really care who what where yesterday, since all I wanted was to go visit the bank, as long as they have Maybank, I'm happy. Serious. I went there mainly for the bank and a friend to go to the bank with me, so I wouldn't get extremely lost (and insecure and lonely) in the bank. The movie was an add-on (for me).


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