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Kiss me goodbye, into the light
Thursday, 27 May 2010/ 22:41/
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Dear Diary,

I'm really tired. I only had one hour of sleep today/yesterday night. If my brother didn't annoyingly wake me up rudely, and if my mother didn't force me to take my dinner, I wake up the next morning.

Since I'm already up, I might as well blog. Of course, then go back to sleep. Woot!

I'm a bit bored of A Picture is A Fact. I mean, too much random one picture post is too random. (lol) Especially since one random picture appear on daily basis. I should definitely post more haiku, that'll make my blog more... literature-y, and artistic. AHAHAHAHA.

I miss my random and not-very-related-but-somehow-still-related blog post titles too! I enjoy seeing random titles on my 'Recent Post' list, I really don't like it when they're filled with the same blog post title.

After blogathon, I should slow down the posting speed. -__- too much pictures appearing and too little pictures left to share.

By the way, my internet sucks. There's this site that I've been trying to load since afternoon. No one's having problem, but me.

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