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I believe that but will I ever know
Sunday, 2 May 2010/ 23:20/
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Dear Diary,

It's still 1st of May somewhere around the world so just let me pass okay. :D Because I was really busy on 1st of May! I woke up earlyyyyy at 7 for basketball with friends, which was fun and one step closer to healthyfiona. I was reallyyyyyyyyy tired yesterday after I came home, I actually tried to blog but I slept, accidentally. I woke up this morning and wrote this post BUT I had to go out, and I haven't edit pictures lol.

After fun healthy basketball session, I went home to prepare to go to 1Utama. My dad was really late, me and Angeline reached 1Utama around 11.30am, I think.Since 1Utama is so bloody huge and we weren't familiar, plus the information counter people gave us direction to the concert place not fansigning place (but we didn't go there, luckily), it took us soooo long to find Tokio Hotel. :D The event was suppose to start at 11.40am, but we were late and all so we didn't know when it started, I only knew that a lot people were there hours before 11.40.

OMG we were soooo lucky. The guard actually sort-of closed the line I think, but they let us line up anyway (since only 2 people), he told us "you two last ah". LUCKY! We were late and all but we didn't miss the fansigning session!!!! But later on they let some other people too, telling them last too probably hahaha.

The Tokio Hotel members were so friendly and nice. They all said hi or hello or thank you to me while looking at me! :D ALL FOUR MEMBERS MEMBERS!! Let me see, ok Bill smiled and said hi while looking at me, I was so shocked lol I forgot about the other members. I can't remember who else said hi, or thank you. At least one more said hi, another one said thank you, and 2 smiled? LOLOLOLOLOL. I hate Bill's eye make up, so mesmerizing, I got lost in my mind for a second. -__-

They probably did that to everyone but whatever. I still can't believe it! Starstrucked. Bill, I love your hair shorter and standing, and I hate to say this, but your eye make up. :D Tom, your hair is weird, but you're still handsome. :D

Then we wandered/walked/shopped around the huge 1Utama while waiting for the concert. We kept getting lost. -__- We were supposed to watch a movie but didn't see Angeline's Clash of the Titans, so we didn't watch anything.

We ate at Carl's Jr before the concert, because I wanted to eat (but not too much, just at the right amount) so I wouldn't vomit at the concert. -__- Angeline's cousins came to Carl's Jr after their early dinner, Patrin was supposed to come to but they needed to wait for their tickets, and then they went to eat while we went to queue for the concert. -__-

The concert started around 7pm. They let us in around 6pm (wahaha I was quite in front actually). They brought us Pop Shuvit and Bunkface. Ah I like bunkface. BUNKFACE! If you guys heard someone saying (understatement, I mean SHOUTING) "I LOVE BUNKFACE", it was from me, Angeline and her cousins! With Angeline being the loudest of course. (since no one else was supportive and hyped as well) AND OMG @ AT YOUR BLONDE HAIR! The sound system got faulty at their most popular song, through my window! We couldn't heard him singing at all, only the instruments. They didn't re-sing the song :(

Then they made us wait for super long for Tokio Hotel. :( With their dj mixes. Problem is, a lot of songs weren't familiar and we heard Bad Romance at least 3 times. Meh.

I read somewhere, saying that the concert would end around 9pm. TOKIO HOTEL CAME OUT AT 9!!! -_- Luckily I told my dad not to come. AND OMG somehow, those songs live version sounded exactly like what we hear on CD!! Of course, Bill changed the song a lil' and sometimes hold the microphone out, but the rest, exactly the same! Impressive! I love how high they were, the crowd wasn't that high though. I'm disappointed that they never sing Phantomrider though, I LOVE that song!

I'm so happy that Bill sometimes come to the left side. :D and Tom usually on the left. I only get to see Georg very few times (so many people blocking me), and couldn't see Gustav completely. :(

You know what? I didn't vomit or faint or anything! :D Yay me!
I showered and fell asleep without drying my hair, so I don't think healthyfiona is coming soon. However somehow my towel was not with me this morning when I woke up, I slept with my towel on my head. What happened? Ugh I sweated sooooo much on 1st of May.

OHOH I FORGOT! I saw Patrin, Justin, Michelle and Kentze! :D I knewww Patrin was going, I also knew Michelle was going but didn't know abour Justin and Kentze going too. AND we saw a Adam Lambert-lookalike.

Sorry for super long post, I want to make sure I won't forget these stuffs. I HATE MEETING CELEBRITIES! They ALWAYS leave me with these ridiculous feelings, and they're so near yet so far. I HATE THEM :( It's SO UNFAIR!

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