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external hard drive drove away from my computer
Saturday, 29 May 2010/ 23:12/
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Dear Diary,

Well, Happy Sweeeeeeeet 16 to Cheng Li! :D

My (temporary) external hard drive is ridiculous. The lights are on, but I can't see the drive in My Computer.

Stupid external hard drive! The last one I used, same brand and maybe same model, had the very same problem. This and the USB cable problem. I don't even know how to describe the USB problem. OK let me try..

When I plug in the USB cable to my laptop, the thing does not light up. Then I pull it out a little, very little, and then it's connected. -__- I put it back in, normal-ish how we usually plug in our usb cables, then it can't work. What kind of problem is that?! Or when I move the external hard drive a little, disconnected!!!! Too sensitive OMG. This is ridiculous. I have always hated this EHD and I still hate it.

Need. A. New. One.

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