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CDs In My Mailbox
Sunday, 30 May 2010/ 20:05/
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Dear Diary,

I must thank Sony Music Malaysia for letting me have this, and even snailmail it to me! :D Thank you!

What is this, you ask? Yes, of course, it's a CD. But it's not an ordinary CD. You cannot buy it outside. Not. For. Sale. :D Here's an -obvious- picture as a clue/hint.

It's really obvious now, isn't it? If you still do not know what CD by who, wow? I am too happy to not share with you anyway.

Well, promotion copy is not really the point here, but it's a bonus. I did not buy the CD woot.

It's an...

Woot! Autographed by Kelly Clarkson!!! Autographed! Autographed! *dances around* ha! CD + DVD!

I can smell her perfume from the CD, and feel her touchhh....

HAHAHA! Ahem, I did not smell the CD, that's creepy, and quite disgusting.

Even though they were nice enough to use bubble wrap, the casing did not do well. :'( I haven't try the CD and DVD yet (too precious!), but they should be fine. I don't really want to change the casing to a new one, lol.

No the post is not ending...
goodboygonebad.com sent me this CD to thank me. O.O He didn't have to!

Thank you again! and sorry with all the troubles to send me this. -__- I feel very guilty. Heh, I am not sharing the thank you note. It is kept safely with the CD though.


I actually have Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind Promotional VCD, consists of only the video. It was a free gift from the CD shop. :D Guess they didn't like her.

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