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The 10 blogs I can’t live without
Monday, 10 May 2010/ 13:26/
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Dear Diary,

First of all, happy birthday Daniel Sevestian!

I know you probably won't be reading this, so.. you're a terrible friend and classmate. :D

Now, let's get to the 10 blogs I can't live without. This is the topic selected for the first group blogging of blogathon. :D Honestly, there are no blogs that I can't live without, only blogs I love. So let me modify this list's title a little bit.

fionachan, candyprison, candy prison candyprison.blogspot.com
- Duh, it's my blog. You probably don't but I do.

kennysia, kenny sia, kennysia.com
- I've been following him for very long, maybe even more 2 years? I'm not sure, I never keep track of time. I love his hilarious blog posts, but sometimes I don't get the joke I had to ask or read comments just to get it, or do both of them. -__- I'm quite slow eh?

xiaxue, wendy cheng, xiaxue.blogspot.com
- Same as kennysia.com, I've been following this blog for a very long time too, maybe longer than kennysia.com. Probably followed more than 2 years. I can't believe I followed these 2 blogs for soooo long! It didn't feel like it, no it really didn't. Just one thing, so many things to load! Weird enough, I ignore sometimes and wait anyway.

ringo, cheesie, cheeserland, cheerserland.com
- I've heard about this blog ever since I became a regular reader of kennysia.com and xiaxue.blogspot.com, but I've only starting to read regularly since near-end of last year, if I'm not mistaken. Her blog is so err, colourful? pink-ish? and wow her make up and clothes.

audrey ooi, four feet nine, fourfeetnine, fourfeetnine.com
- Same as cheeserland.com, heard about them a lot, visited a few times but never follow regularly until last year. This blogger is so so so so cute! Some of her posts, although without pictures, are still interesting. :D By the way, I converted my height cm the other day, and found out I'm four feet nine too. :(

allkpop, allkpop.com
- I stopped stalking (really, I mean follow very regularly) K-Pop news since.. I forgot since when. I used to be reallyyyy up to date with K-Pop news, I don't know what's gotten in (or maybe out?) to me, all of sudden I lost my interests. Somehow, I still feel weird not knowing the latest news so I visit allkpop every now and then (aka: whenever I feel like it). I haven't visit for at least a month though.

goodboygonebad, goodboygonebad.comgalaxie, galaxieblog, galaxieblog.com.my, galaxie magazine
goodboygonebad.com & galaxieblog
- I stopped buying magazines, so sometimes I just go to these 2 blogs and read. :D Goodboygonebad.com has funnier posts. :D To come to think of it, it's a little, just a little bit like allkpop! LOL. But anyway, I feel like buying galaxie recently. Maybe I'll buy the June issue.

MLIA, mylifeisaverage, mylifeisaverage.com
I KNOW I KNOW! This is not a blog, but I loveee reading this sit when I'm bored. So many funny stories, cool teachers and etc. The posts there are so interesting. However, it seems like the amount of MLIAs posted daily is ridiculous as well.

FML, fmylife.com, fmylife
Yes, I know too! This is not exactly a blog too. *ignores* I love reading FMLs, even though a lot of them are fake, some are so obvious, WHO would have the mood to share their extremely-serious-physical-injuries on FML, unless someone else (weird) submit for that person, or something. I just hope they'll have less obviously-fake FMLs.

skiptomylou.com, skiptomylou, skip to my lou
Wow, I still remember how I ended up there. I was looking for custom-made/personalised/handmade gift ideas and google sent me to this site. I love all the gift ideas + tutorials. There are sooooooooo many interesting stuffs there. Just by looking at the pictures make me feel crafty and talented and interested in craft already, but doesn't mean I have the talent to make a beautiful one. :/

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