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on birthday spare change won't feel the same
Thursday, 1 April 2010/ 18:35/
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Dear Diary,

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I debated with myself, to determine if this post should be A picture is a fact post or not, but it ended very quickly. This deserves a special post! So I'm going to post another picture to make it not just a picture post, hehe. Why, you ask? Just read the caption of the picture above again. :D

I received this package today, on April's Fool! It still surprised me even though I've been expecting it for weeks. :D Maybe I just didn't know this package would come today, to make my day! :D

polaroid, candyprison, fionachan, fiona, fiona chan

I'm not entirely sure but the book inside the package, might be the only one in Malaysia!!! Of course, unless someone got it online. I'm soooo happy and excited! :D

You'd think I forgot, after all these. :D But I haven't! Especially if you're the person I going to mention below...


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