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Saturday, 10 April 2010/ 23:24/
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Dear Diary,

smk seksyen 1, bandar kinrara, bukit jalil, bukit jalil national stadium, sports day

4/4/2010 was my school's sports day! Surprisingly, in Bukit Jalil National Stadium, yes the big one. I remember there was a time where we held our sports day at a stadium in Subang, if I'm not mistaken.

The day started off with me waking up at 6 and reaching school at 6.30, only to know that the earliest is not 6.30 but 7 ++. Me and shreen hopped onto the first bus woot. We jogged a little, just a little, with Pn. Lau jogging quite fast ahead us. The weather around noon, was terribly hot.

smk seksyen 1, bandar kinrara, sports day, winner, red, candyprison

Then, I found out that I lost my bag (wtheck). After searching every seats with my eyes, I found it on a seat next next to Sylvia. She says that the bag was already there when she came. WHO the heck took my bag wtheck. I placed it right behind the teachers' counter. Nothing is missing, at least not anything I can remember. :D So my mood became really good (note: overjoyed) for the whole day, until past midnight actually. Haha!

Apparently, I took too much photos I had to delete some to take more photos. -__- 4GB with each images 3mb is not enough. Oh well.

candyprison, cks, chow kian siong, smk seksyen 1, bandar kinrara, olahragawan, best male athlete, sports, sei sak kai, panther, medals, gold medals

Overally, red won the first place! Green got fourth :( but at least not last, right? and CKS GOT THE ATHLETE PRIZE HAHA! Ahem, CKS is my friend! LOL LMAO!

The gerak irama (a bit like cheerleading, dont know the word in English), I personally think that green (mine!) and red (yjm's and a lot others') were the best, but red got last, green got 2nd and simple simple blue got 1st! So weird. Yellow was a bit too inappropriate, of course minus marks. HAHA ORANGE HAD DRAMA! Boo! But they still get the 3rd place I think. I never really pay attention to marching session LOL.

candyprison, tiong hsien, bat
On the way back home with LYS TTH and Daniel Y., we saw a dead bat on the floor and TTH insisted on bringing it back home.

candyprison, tiong hsien, bat
-__- I never knew that a weird side of him existed.

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