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today was a fairytale
Thursday, 11 February 2010/ 17:43/
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Dear Diary,

Yay I went to the movie premiere of Valentine's Day on 9th Feb 2010.

Movie was great. :D Funny too! Romance-comedy, my favourite~~~ it's a bit like He's Just Not That Into You, but less.. mature? and more stories :D and sweeter! (it's a Valentine's movie, of course)

Had to listen to a workshop before that.

Then Mix FM's morning DJs came up. :D They were fun, highlight of the whole workshop thing woot!

OMG they gave away the movie soundtrack AND a poster autographed by Anne Hathaway + the director! :(

Freebies from the workshop!

OK picspam :D

If I'm not mistaken, the movie premiered in USA on 8th Feb, time zone difference, so the movie premiered on the same day! :D but should be different time.

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