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These memories are playing like a film without sound
Sunday, 31 January 2010/ 14:59/
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Dear Diary,

I miss my Tai Thung school friends. Especially since I've never seen them after I changed school to Yoke Nam.

It's not like Yoke Nam is that baddd, or I'm not grateful for the friends I've made there.

I don't know, maybe cause' I saw the Tai Thung's 6M class pictures WITHOUT me, I feel so left out. It's kinda depressing, I can't graduate with them. :'( The last year! Sigh. I miss them.

I think the year I left, a few people from other classes went up to 6M too, I DON'T KNOW THEM OMG IT MAKES ME FEEL EVEN MORE LEFT OUT :(

If they have gathering, maybe they'll name it 2005-6M gathering, but I wasn't there that year. 2004 I was 5M, 2003 I was 4M, 2002 I was 3M, not 2005 - 6M, LEFT OUT AGAIN :'(

I actually can't remember when I was in standard 1, which class was I in lol.



OMG I THINK I LOST MY ONLY "YEARBOOK" FROM THAT SCHOOL. OH found, it's not a yearbook, it's a 90th anniversary special book, which I conteng-ed a bit /ashamed. So, 2001 - 2H, 2000 - 1J. :D I forgot the existance of U class, since when got U class?

So.. Note to self:
M - Merah (Red) - First Class
K - Kuning (Yellow) - Second Class
B - Biru (Blue) - Third Class & always excellent in sports / win in Sports Day
H - Hijau (Green) - Fourth Class
J - Jingga (Orange) - Fifth Class


OK, U - Ungu (Purple) - Sixth Class (Not one of my batch/year's classes)

OH OH YA, I was in the school's band playing clarinet :D I forgot the coach's name or surname :/ *searches in the book* OK in year 2001, 王育 was the coach, not sure if he was my coach too LOL.

and I used to be in the little dance club.

OH YA and there was this teacher who was a reporter for TV2 Mandarin News (sit on the desk report those), forgot his name. OH 尤进来. I didn't know that until my grandmother told me wtf. I don't think he taught me before. But he hosted the 千人宴 (err, google translate says Thousands Feast) with 何老师. click this link and see "并由资深新闻播报 员江宇凡、陈锦花、萧慧芳、张慧灵及尤进来坐阵". SEE?! :D

and, I might have lost my class pictures.

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