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My Valentine’s Day
Sunday, 20 December 2009/ 13:27/
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Dear Diary,

Being a girl, I'm supposed to pick an actor from Valentine's Day movie. But I really like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts. D: No la diary, I'm not lesbian.

Now, I don't know who to pick from the actors. Can't I just choose all to make it easier for me?

However, I think I would choose Taylor Lautner.

You see, he's the werewolf in Twilight Saga and got reallyyyyy popular after New Moon movie. I CAN SHOW OFF TO EVERYONE AHAHAHAHA.

Not my main purpose. Actually I'm really curious about things between him and Taylor Swift, so I would ask ahahhaa. But hor, if Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner got married, they'll both be Taylor Lautner!!! (hahaha go search in facebook)

EHH then I shun bian ask about his abs too la, oh take a picture too! OHOH and about being a werewolf and behind the scene stuffs.

Last but not least, MUST ASK FOR HIS PHONE NUMBER BEFORE SAYING GOODBYE LOL. THEN BE VERY CLOSE WITH HIM AHAHAHA. Then I can meet a looot other celebrities (YAY!) and get exclusive stuffs like unreleased movies/albums and demo, and backstage tickets, and etc omg that life is so amazing.be

Sorry larh, cause' at the moment, my biggest crush is Shin Woo and no one can be any better than him (at least for now).

20 Jan 2010

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