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secrets of super students?
Wednesday, 15 July 2009/ 21:49/
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today wen't to SEGi college (or University College, whichever, same), for Adam Khoo's motivational something (oh! seminar), secrets of super students. They say he's superrr famous, I'm sorry but I only heard the name yesterday when teacher told us about this seminar.

Muahaha, skipped school, somehow in a legal way. I shouldn't put it that way, more like, no need to study in school for the day because of the trip. :D Got free pizzas to eat somemore. :D :D :D

They gave us free drinks, and something like Angeline's energy bar, and an apple. D: Some say the apple-flavoured-energybar very nice, some say ok-ok only, some say very not nice. D:

Then the auditorium (they call it that, yes? forgot) very big. D: and it wasn't cold, I thought it was colder in the bus we rode to the college, lol.

He's very funny, his stories and all, maybe active too. But they say he repeated the stories and all, same with the past seminars. *rolls eyes* I'm not impressed, and also impressed. Then he is quite boring then, repeat the same stuffs. But then again, if you have so many seminars to talk, you won't have much different stuffs to talk about I guess. Nevermind, not that it affects me in any ways. :D

It was quite fun la, but sometimes boring. Then, the toilets there are impressive if compared to our school's ones. Hahahaa.. Sad isn't it? But, those shopping malls' toilets are like heavens then, if compared to ours.

Anyway, wahh the students there, all rich is it? D: jealous. :p DDDD:

*yawns* It's 11.20pm, I just woke up around 3 hours ago, and I'm already sleepy. Sigh. Bye. <3


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