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Vivi is here
Wednesday, 3 June 2009/ 11:18/
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Me , vivian is here to write something for my BFF - Fiona~
our love story
Once upon a time......

When vivian is just a form1 girl who always with her temporary best friend- weiwei only
and didn't know much about Fiona and her best friend Angeline
because of something called FATE ,
Vivian, Fiona and Angeline had became classmate
soon ..
Weiwei , Fiona and Vivian became best friend
Days grow longer and as the time goes by,
things are taking their change.
weiwei had left the school
from that day on ,
Vivian is with Fiona and Angeline
and they became 3 best friends
formed a group
gossip together ,play together crazily
after a few years until now
their love story still continue
even though vivian left the school....

How I think about Fiona..
She look cute.
A funny girl who always make me laugh non stop.
Sometimes can even laugh at her for 10 minutes
Every moment I spent with her is fun
She always did something funny and
sometimes she looks innocent
Although she is the eldest among 3 of us
but she is the one who need our protect
Her mind can think of something special
creative , shasha , fun to play ,
and her curiosity can really kills a cat.

muahaha ,

fiona: dear bff/gf, and whoever's reading, HELLO! xoxo, till' next time.


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