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holidays' daily routine
Monday, 8 June 2009/ 11:00/
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Wake up with a (mostly slight) headache,
brush teeth and wash face,
go back to bed for a while,
on laptop,
open firefox,
open plurk, facebook, email,
do nothing that I bother to remember,
read newspaper,
come back to my room and sit in front of laptop again,
one hour or more later, watch movie/read novel (shower is in the middle),
surf net again,
continue surfing/reading/watching,
wake up in the middle of the night for nothing,
go back to sleep.

darn, this is so boring.

To-do list before school starts:
finish the add maths thing, later pn. tan check. :(
maths (didn't even know got homework)
i don't know what else.

kay bye.


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