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I had a date with David Archuleta!!!
Saturday, 11 April 2009/ 21:28/
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oh, did that hurt your eyes? Oh poor eyes, sorry.. ok then.


There you go, a better and eyes-friendlier version.

We (Me, Angeline, Synjie, Wei Jien) 经过风风雨雨、太阳、森林,克服所有困难 (roughly means, went through a lot of troubles/problems/difficulties, not really, cause' i was referring to the weather too), baru can get IN to and OUT from his concert I tell you.

When we reached the entrace place there, it was REALLY hot and sunny, darn it. & then it started to rain a bit, when we finally allowed to go in and walk to the place (which is really far!) it rained more heavily.

When the concert started, I forgot it was when David came out or when the Hao Ren performed, the rain stopped. Lol, it wasn't even a real outdoor one. Anyway, when the concert ended, it started to rain again, wtf. I AM NOT HAPPY!

Then need to walk up the hill to the entrace/exit. Pfft, I didn't have the energy to walk up, so we walk 1 or 2 minutes then rest 5 minutes. Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy!!! Under the rain somemore. :( :( :( oh the reason is written down there. Wait ah~~

Anyway, there was a guy beside me during the concert, lolol he screamed louder than me, sang louder than me. -.-

Then walk from there to pyramid, darn far. :( Still under the rain though lol. The rain was slightly acidic is it, my eyes were quite painful, and synjie's too.

And then we finally reached pyramid, after swj went to hsi parents, we went to Wendy's and eat. My first time eating there. :D Not bad maa, quite full. :D

OH YEAH, I borrowed my brother's DSLR :D so we got a lot of pictures to share, but I'm really lazy and tired now, tomorrow or next time when I'm free, ok? :D

AND HE WAS SO CUTE LA :( LOL Angeline first said he is not even hot, after that she said he's hot, or handsome, or both? :D HAHAHAHA.

Before David came out there was Hao Ren from Astro thing, he's quite good at dancing maa, but the 2nd song where his danced with dancers, the dancers very lame loh, like no energy or dont want or simply perform -.- & then got one guy from One In A Million season 1 i think, dont know who is he, songs not nice. :P And then, Danell Lee (formerly Daniel), not bad la. LOLOL. He said "David? No no I'm Danell" ahahahaha lol. Wonder why I find this quite funny, and very friendly/good/dontknow. Me like!

OHOH and the people there sot de loh, his song playing, some scream, dontknowwhat, they also scream, the car with David inside came, they screamed SUPER loudly, and more. He haven't even reach / came out they scream so much liao, lol they should save for later maa.

Oh around the end of the concert, when he was piano-ing and singing A Thousand Miles, I felt super uncomfy and few minutes later I vomitted. I also almost fainted. D: vomitted a few times in fact. :( I looked darn pale too. Sigh. & that's why I didn't have the energy to walk up the hills.

Anyway, first song was A Little Too Not Over You, second Touch My Hand, third Don't Let Go, fourth Crush, fifth Angels (with piano only), and sixth / last A Thousand Miles (also piano). Did I say, he sounded like in studio recordings but he changed a little though. Me like.

Woot, I enjoyed, the "date" with David and the time under the rain a little and in the mall too, oh of course and the food. lol. It tasted heavenly, maybe cause' I was starving. And the concert was great, if excluded the fact that the sound system was too loud for me, and I had to stand for hours, and the hot and cold.

OK, that's all for today, pictures next time. bye~~~

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