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*stares blankly at the title box and gives up*
Thursday, 19 March 2009/ 21:07/
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YAY! Today I finally went to an International School, Australian International School to be exact, for one whole day.............

as a visitor!
:D :D

lmao.. with karmern anyway.

it's kinda, a mixture of fun and boring LOL. It's kinda fun cause' I get to experience *laughs again* a International School what. And the teachers, when some talk to us personally kinda friendly la. But then when their teachers teach we have nothing to do other than, yawn, sleep, do our homeworks (which I gave up after few lessons) and I forgot lol.

I tell you hor the class we were in, most classmates are 1 year younger than us. -.- and most people (other than teachers) we get to interact with are younger too. -.- So Angeline, go liao saw de lengzais most probably younger de la, and to make it worse, you'' be one of the oldest in the class. :( :( :( *cries while applying anti-aging cream*

Hmm, ohoh their canteen foods' price also very expensive -.-
eeee they got lockers! I love the idea of lockers...
and ee their music room or whatever they call it also so yeng..
and eeeee all classrooms got aircond (and was freezing cold, the students there sure are good at handling, maybe cause some experienced winter).

anyway, karmern was super eager to go to the computer room and go online lmao, she kept asking and asking. -.-

ohoh swj you don't have to apologize, I don't even remember whoever-you-were-saying scolded us. I know the guard very pissed only but then he got scold us or not? lol.

ok la I forgot other stuffs already, I was tired so few hours after I reached home I went to sleep and I just woke up.


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