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I, I, I, I, did it, did it for love
Sunday, 15 March 2009/ 22:03/
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hi! yay it's holidays~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I forgot what I wanted to blog, wait.

OH! I went to the IOI new wing, I like the neat-ness, cause' no stupid crowded small stalls there, surrounding the stage area. Now, without those stalls, it definitely looks like some nice events like fansignings and etc can be there. :D :D but then, most events are either in Sg. Wang or Times Square, quite bored la.

I like the San Francisco Coffee, smells good :D AND IOI, CAN YOU PLEASE PUT THE DARN CINEMA THERE? Me no likey the GSC in the old wing, seriously, so many movies cannot watch -.- CINEMA CINEMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh btw, got MPH/Kinokuniya/Borders in new wing or not, the popular very sien. :D

and Popular Book Fair was -.- -.- lol. I want to go to MPH Warehouse Sales!! DADDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

and err, err, oh, I loveeeeee Code Blue.

and and and my harddrive left 34 or 36 GB only. !@#$%^&* I DOWNLOADED TOO MUCH DIDN'T I? I need a new ehd :(

oh lol my daddy installed a new TV :D I haven't get to watch TV with that new TV, cause' I watch my dramas on my poor lappy, or else I do something else in my room. -.- If I have a TV in my room, I think I won't ever touch my homeworks lol.

Speaking about my room, it is a mess now. -.-

Oh btw I really hate that dung now. BS.

bye~~~~ I'm not feeling the blog now.

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