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amazing-almost-perfect outting!
Saturday, 21 February 2009/ 22:54/
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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! Today I had a super amazing-almost-perfect-outting!! But then if vian vian, reen reen, bree bree, synjie (call him jiejie very weird loh) and mern mern and sin wei jian (not close enough to call him jien jien la -.-) can join us then I think it'd be perfect!

Burn After Reading wasn't that good for me loh, so weird, I don't get the point of the movie, I don't think they focused on anything. -.- edit// ohohoh I know liao, it seems like a few short films that can kinda relate to each other combined together into a movie. :D very confusing la.///

Benjamin Button was AMAZINGGGGGGGG! Ohmygod I cried until eyes nose red red, I thought no red until I saw myself in the mirror!! Ahh, long movie, and expensive-er movie ticket, but worth it. :D

People went gaga over Twilight, I tell you, this movie is MUCH MORE better than twilight loh! I like Twilight, but it didn't amaze me. The book is much more better.

I am soooooo going to rewatch Benjamin Button! Wahh Brad Pitt so lengzai!!! &&& his acting soooooo amazing. My new idol!

Oh bytheway, my twin hor, he cover my eyes whenever got sex and kissing scenes!! It's not even like they exposed a lot of skins or show private parts!!!! ish!!

Then we went to eat our dinner at, err, pasta zanmai I think, around 8pm. I had a hard time choosing foods. :( ok sorry! Because I already knew if I choose late late I can get a lengzai waiter so... :D joking!

Then my mummy came a few minutes after we left the restaurant. :D LOL we continue gossiping in the car, mummy even sorta kinda joined in. :D

ok tzetze, your phone camera, colouring so nice but quality so horrible la! or just because it was dark in the VIP room? yeah I think so. :D nevermind, not that you put liao watermark. :D

okok pictures time!!

Tzetze and Kritz's pineapple rice~~

the restaurant we went.


linlin and tzetze

me and kritz

kritz and twin

twin's food - before #1

twin's food - before #2

twin's food - after. lol

~I'm a little teapot~~

looks sho ugly here.

tzetze's and linlin's food

my foods~

nice picture, not being sarcastic loh, I like the err, blurness? no not blurness, don't know what they call it. :D

linlin, tzetze, and me

same la


still blur~


tzetze, linlin, me and twin lol

last but not least, Happy Belated Birthday to Wei Wei and Ming Huey!

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