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a school day without you.
Friday, 16 January 2009/ 19:28/
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Today, it felt like you're just sick so you're not coming to school for few or better, just one day, but in fact, you're gone, you're not going to come to school early morning, and walk to class with me, or wait for us. teach us mathematic and add maths, explain to me when I have no clue what the heck teacher is talking about. Nobody's gonna copy down things I don't want to copy and let me copy later anymore. (I had to copy down the new timetable today because you're not there anymore, and nobody around me seems to be copying, at least not Angeline.) No more people nagging and lecturing me. Less one people to gossip with, no more people helping me to ask things around, less one people to tell me my hair is messy, no more people to help me write my name and subjects on the exercise book so that the teacher could see clearly, no more people asking me to tidy up my table, no more people reminding me to bring something, no more accidentally exchanged stationaries/stuffs/books with you, and etc...

It doesn't feels like you're not coming back to study with us anymore, maybe because I still cannot accept the fact. You know I'm bad at accepting facts sometimes, this one is hard, very hard. Remember the childhood best friends I told you, that later on changed school too, I was little and I didn't cry. and ever since that, I've never have any other similar experience until you comfirmed that you're going to Batu 8.

You have no idea how cruel that message was, so cruel... that was also the worst message EVER I've ever received.

When you go and meet your daddy in the office, I sorta knew you'll be leaving and my tears almost came out, I had to convince myself that it is not comfirmed, to stop it.

Angeline kept saying you'll fail to go there did help a lot btw, it convinced me temporarily. :D but too bad it's not the truth. How I wish it was true. Maybe I should be more religious and pray more? No?

Now I don't like Batu 8 already, they snatched my Vivian away.

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