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Happy New Year!
Thursday, 1 January 2009/ 00:00/
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Happy New Year! & Happy Birthday to Rayi/Ange/Octy! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I originally wanted to use someone's animation cause' I'm lazy, but I think stealing/using their works without permission is super horrible.

New Year resolutions, I think I need to refer to others' to get my own.
Let's see...

1. Study/work/whatever harder.
2. Buy LWT, Remember, SW Repackaged, TRAX releases if they're going to release anything this year.
3. Sorta try to be more socialize, and err, friendlier to people I don't know.. I think.
4. Sleep earlier.
5. Get a better internet (slowmyx is so horrible.)
6. Finish the novels.
7. Kill Slowmyx (muahahahaa.)
8. NANA 2 (almost done)
9. Stay away from the laptop / internet as much as possible, especially during tests.
10. Stop wanting to do a lot of things but end up stressing myself for nothing.
11. Stop forgetting things easily. -.- I can't remember anything special I've done this year.
12. Stay away from people that I don't like so that it won't be too obvious. -.-
13. Stop ignoring my mobile phone. -.-
14. Starts to remember every special birthdays (sooooo many :/ howw?) and remember & cannot forget to wish them. -.-

Can't think of any others now.

update #1 (12/01/09):
8. NANA 2 [done and watched! :D]
12. Stay away from people that I don't like so that it won't be too obvious. -.- [Forget about the obvious or not, I tried to stay away from one and failed. Urgh! GDI!]

:( I want to watch Half-Blood Prince & Deathly Hallows, New Moon and Narnia 3 asap.

:'( I really hope that Vivian would stay with us studying in the same school, but then how can I stop her from going to a better school and maybe get a better future. :'( *sobs and sighs*

I want a better year for 2009!

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