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to the cbox fans.
Sunday, 28 December 2008/ 17:48/
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To people who super duper support and love cbox and are pissed at me for only having commenting and chatting system (or whatever) in my blog, good news, you can now 'tag' me at http://dirtycash.cbox.ws/, or just click here. (darn I can't believe dirtycash is still unused. :D ♥ and why do you call it tag?? :D I'm not happy now so yeahh, i'm being mean to everyone. :/ whatever la.)

I still don't like cbox though, so I still don't want to put a cbox in my blog. :D I also don't really like shoutmix, so yeah. :D Besides, just in case you don't know, chatango works just like cbox except that you cannot see what others wrote, and I cannot reply you there and even if I did you can't see there. and then there's this comment thing, works just like cbox except not all comments are in a box, and won't be deleted unless I delete. -.-

cbox pisses me off a lot of times, and it takes times to load, why do you guys love it so much? (err, exception for people who got premium accounts) Sometimes when I submit message it just won't send! !@#$%^&* And somehow I think the cbox looks better in their website too. -.- lol not that chatango is flawless of course.

Pfft! I don't expect a lot of people to tag me in there, I don't even know why I created one. :D Maybe to statisfy and few seconds later piss you people who are hardcore cbox fans off. :D Muahahaa, it makes me happy when I think of this. ahahahaha.

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