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should i go to the class gathering?
Sunday, 14 December 2008/ 21:00/
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ahh, my primary school friend asked me to go to the gathering, should I go or should I not go?

You see, I never talk to any of my primary school classmates for few years, or maybe one year, we're that unclose. -.- Maybe when we went there we'll be very awkward. & I'm horrible at re-introducing myself lol. The one who was closest to me, never see & talk to her for few years liao.

& thenn, with my new not-so-socialize-personality, how do I communicate with them (since we're not close anymore).

oh bytheway Time Square is pretty far.

but maybe I should go since we (or at least me) haven't meet each other for 3 to 4 years. & my friends' class gathering sounded fun. -.-

I still cannot make my decision laaaa. I should ask permission and about transports first.

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