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Running outta movies.
Tuesday, 9 December 2008/ 02:05/
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Ohmygod I'm still up at 2.06am (well it's late okay?) and I am sorta waiting my download to finish. So I watched 2 movies lol, Wild Child and Horton hears a who. Kiled my few hours. :D

I think I'm already running out of movies to watch, lately I always watch movies when I'm bored. & I'm also downloading some dramas. There's one drama, 750mb++ per episode, and there's 18 episodes. :( It's a good one, too bad they don't have this smaller file size version (AVI I mean).

oh ya, I bought 3 novels. :D I don't know why I haven't start reading one of them, I wanted to read just now but I figured I'd sleep much more later so so I gave up the idea. :D

I think I've been abandoning blogspot quite often, I didn't even come to my blog yesterday (as in 08 December 08, well it's over 12am already my friend), and I went to eljay for countless times. -.- oh ya and plurk too. I sorta think blogspot is stressing me.

Oh by the way, why do I still feel stress after PMR?! or, why am I stressing myself? I didn't even realize until someone told me. psst!

bytheway, 3rd Narnia movie asap ftw!! Catherine for New Moon ftw!! No movie's posters for book covers ftw!! :D :D

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