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multi-language me. Muahahaa.
Sunday, 21 December 2008/ 23:46/
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Ohmygod, I was at eljay again and I stumbled across this Indonesian's journal.
I was hella bored (ok fine and sorta curious! she is a stranger but she added me! -.-), I scrolled down and see what she has in her journal, and one of her entries is in a language with a lot of shortforms which made me unable to tell what exactly is that language (mind you, I fail fail and fail at Malay shortforms, I only know a few common ones), but I understand some sentences. I thought it was Malay language and she's Malaysian since that entry very Malay-ish.

After that, I saw her profile wrote "Location: somewhere, somewhere, Indonesia"!!! Malaysian can understand Indonesian language leh!!!!!! No wonder so many Malaysians hired Indonesian maid, because we can talk to them in Malay language and they'll at least understand what you're trying to say!!

Now I know I sorta understand another language. -.- I never really thought of we can talk to those maid easily in Malay language because Indonesian language is somehow similar sometimes, I thought when they were trained those people taught them Malay language too! -.-

Yiruma is ♥. I just downloaded most of his albums. :D

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