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Hong Kong Trip 08
Wednesday, 3 December 2008/ 23:00/
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All pictures are enlargeable, click it, that's all. 114 pictures, or less. Let them load, if you wanna see. If some pictures do not show, right click -> show picture, or click the picture.

I don't know why inside the airport got this aeroplane. :D

Hi people! :D :D I'm back from Hong Kong! In fact, I'm already back on Wednesday, 19 Nov 08, I'm just super lazy to update. :D Hong Kong was funnnnn! :D Seriously, we used all the 3 memory cards we brought just for the pictures we took, and that few videos. Amazing! -.- I collected the pictures and videos from the 2 memory cards, left 1 only. :O and it's already using 2.24GB of my computer's memory. whattheheck.

Since I am lazy to send those pictures for editing, no pictures at the moment. But then, when you see this post, I think I already finish editting and choosing the pictures. Yeah, I think so. You see, there's 2.24GB for now, so I need to edit and resize the pictures, then the file size will be much smaller. :D ... I think.

Hong Kong really has a lot of building.

So anyway, our flight was around 6am, so when we reach Hong Kong it was quite early. :D Our hotel was quite far away, don't know why my daddy book that one. -.- But then, he spent so much money for this trip, I shall not complain. :O Plus the hotel is quite good, I think.

We went to Tsim Sha Shui right after we ate our lunch (mind you, the journey from the airport to the hotel is quite long). Tsim Sha Shui is really hugeeeeeeeeeeee! It's way more awesome than Singapore's Orchard Road. We sorta got lost, but then we see cabs everywhere, and we can just continue walking until we want to go back to the hotel, so it doesn't really matter. Basically if you got lost in Hong Kong, you just need to catch a cab and go back to somewhere you know, hella easy. There's cab everywhere in Hong Kong. Otherwise ask someone, most of the staffs (staffs because I never talk to anyone who is not working when we talk to them -.-) are friendly. Those cab drivers are friendly too, my daddy had a few good chats with them. :O

Wahh, this stairstep is so cool, it's playing a fashion show on the staircase like this. :D Never seen this before.

As I was saying, Tsim Sha Shui is really huge. :O :O A lot of branded shops there. :D Some are more expensive that the price we have here in Malaysia, some are cheaper. Seriously, most of the clothes they're selling are winter-ish, not suitable for 24/7 summer Malaysia.

& then, it's very crowded at both Tsim Sha Shui & Mongkok. && so many people were smoking, and a lot of girls smoking. -.- To make it worse, they smoke almost everywhere, I even saw some guys smoking at a playground, where the word "No Smoking" is hella obvious. Smoking at Tsim Sha Shui and Mongkok is already super crime-ish since these 2 places are super crowded and everybody near them automaticly became 2ndhand smoker, and and they even smoke at playground, where a lot of children are playing. wtheck?! You see, there's con of living in Hong Kong. lol. You'll get super unhealthy. sigh.

Anyway anyway, Tsim Sha Shui and Mongkok are so similar, I can't differentiate both. They're both huge, a lot of stuffs sold there, lots of restaurants, and crowded, and well, a lot of smokers. -.- Both places have a lot of similarities. :D :D Their night views are both super duper awesome. They're both super duper crowded that you can't even spot a street with very little people (at least I haven't seen any).

Well, I spent my first 2 days in Hong Kong at Tsim Sha Shui & Mongkok. :D :D The first day I already told you, airport, to hotel, to tsim sha shui, and back to hotel. The second day we followed a tour guide, they brought us to Arena of Stars, and the mountain (I don't know which mountain, I basically don't know anything lol), the jewelry shop and another shop that I'm not sure what it is called, and also Jumbo. You know the Jumbo, where you need to pay a lot to eat on a ferry/ship, and I'm not even sure if their foods are nice. After that we went to Mongkok.

I don't know if this bridge has a name.

I started to think that my daddy is a talented shopaholic who successfully hide this fact. -.- He kept saying "we're going to Tsim Sha Shui and Mongkok to shopping, ok?" to us. -.- But he is not a shopaholic in Malaysia. Now that's totally weird. Also, you can imagine how many times I smalled those secondhand smokes, looks like I need to wear and bring masks next time if I'm going to Hong Kong again.

Anyway, the foods there are quite expensive compared to Malaysia's, but delicious too. :D There're restaurants everywhere in Hong Kong, you won't face any difficulties of ccan't find any restaurants. They're like seriously everywhere!

Ah, we ate dimsum for few days and most of them are available in Malaysia. & I've never seen and heard of this in Malaysia lol.

OK then the third day we went to Ocean Park. Everyone was telling us that Ocean Park is super fun, that you won't wanna go home in the end. That's totally so not true! It was quite boring, it's like Genting Highland but much larger, and with Dolphin Show. ♥♥♥♥

Have I mentioned dolphins? No? Unbelieveable. :D After watching the first dolphin show, my favourite animal immediately changed to dolphin! Dolphins are so amazing and lively, I couldn't take my eyes off them. :O (sounds like I saw a super duper hot guy. -.-) They're so adorable!! I want to get a trained dolphin as my pet next time!! :D :D I nearly cried when the dolphins returned to wherever they came out from. :D so after that, I watched another dolphin show. :D :D I love dolphinsssssssssssss!

My little brother, Nelson, taking picture in Nelson Street. HAHA!!

So anyway, basically the dolphin show was the only entertaining thing outta all in Ocean Park. :O There's another one, the "fight" between my brother and a clown. LOL the fight was so fun and enjoyable to look at, totally worth re-watching, too bad we didn't record it as a video. :/ Oh yeah, that few places with a lot, a lot of fishes were not fun, but worth seeing, and worth your money + time. :D There were soooooooo many fishes, and the "tank" (I can't find a better word) is so freaking huge, I wonder how those staffs feed them. -.- By just throwing foods on them won't work, there're a lot of fishes who loveeee to stay at the ground.

And then we went to Hong Kong Disneyland for 2 days & 1 night, we stayed in the Disney's Hollywood Hotel. :D I heard it's cheaper than Disney Hotel, so don't say I'm rich, I wanna live in Disney Hotel too. :D Or maybe they're basically the same, hhm, I have no idea. But that Disney's Hollywood is pretty cute! :D I mean, how can it not be cute when they featured so many cute Mickey Mouse. :D Plus they're not tooo cute that will disgust some or even most people. :D Mickey Mouse is so adorable. Oh ya, we can watch most of the Disney movies there anytime, for free ... I think.

One of the handprints in Arena of Stars, I have others, but I never bother to edit and upload. Lazy. :D There's one more down there though.

& Disneyland was superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fun!! :D :D Once you stepped in, you'll heard the instrumentals they're playing, are mostly the songs you grew up with, and you'll unaware of yourself dancing and singing to the songs. :D Those instrumentals are so relaxing and made me happy. :D Almost everything are super fun in Disneyland. :D Well, of course, exclude those games that can be found in Genting Highland too. :D

Did I mentioned that I saw Jacky Cheung and Kelly Chen and 2 other unknown people to me in the Disneyland. :D I missed the opportunity to get a signature from Jacky Cheung. :/ I'm late by a few seconds. I think Jacky Cheung saw me because he looked straight at the place where I was standing and there was only me, and my daddy and my brothers there. :D I was star-strucked. :O Anyway, I presumed they were filming another promotional video for Disneyland, otherwise advertisements. :D

Cute bubbles!

I personally think HSM Live! sorta sucked. You know, nothing's better than the original, well, at least I didn't enjoy. Plus they were speaking in Cantonese while singing in English, that's too weird for me. The parade was quite okay I guess, didn't really pay attention, the crowd sorta blocked my view, and threw away my interests. -.-

I don't know how to be super detailed on the Disneyland, it's just super awesome that I don't know how to describe with words. :O At least for me, it is. :D The Disneyland made my days. :D You have to experience yourself, without any worries and etc, with a happy and relaxing mood. :D

Got few more pictures, again I'm lazy. :D

The Disneyland fireworks, ohmygod stunning! & quite breath-taking! The music flows so well with the fireworks, it's like the fireworks are dancing to the music. :O Awesome. I was expecting a firework with the shape of Mickey Mouse, luckily I didn't expect too much. :O Oh I forgot to edit the fireworks picture, next post! :D

Basically, everything's amazing in Disneyland, or maybe I'm biased. I wanna go to every Disneyland on earth. :D

So many buildings.

Oh yeah, I brought a novel I brought that day to Hong Kong, since I couldn't bring my MP4. :D and I ended up couldn't put the book down unless I have to. :D Anyway, i just realized that I finished that novel, in 2 days, but total time less than 24 hours. :D You can't expect me to finish on the day I pick the book up, because seriously, I'm travelling!

The last day, after I rode the indoor Roller Coaster, I felt super bad, and it made me vomitted twice. :( I can't eat a lot of things, and the hot dog bread I ate, I vomitted it back out. Ew. The whole day was quite bad. :( Vomitted at the airport and aeroplane, shame on me. lol. I'll make sure next time I'm not going to ride that. :D & we were almost late for the flight. Urgh.

Even in this picture can see quite a lot of buildings! Incredible.

I think this is by far my longest post. -.- and I actually messed up my second and third day "schedule". -.- & I spents hours/days to write the whole thing. Because this whole thing is too long, I didn't double check for typo. :D I rarely double-check my entries for typos actually. & I don't know what else to write. :O

Ok the rest of the pictures here.

Another one.

A lot of people did this, I wonder why. The picture can't even show the original handprints, and it isn't your handprint, then what's the point?

Daddy bought us this, it says it's healthy or something, but I still don't think so. The love one is mine, all of my family members love it.

Same shoes! & sorta same pose.

Night view.

Haha! Nice effect, not really effect. ;p

We saw this on the plane. haha!! But when the sky completely darken, it's very boring.

Another shoot before we change our aeroplane seat.

Ocean Park:

Fake dolphin! lol.

The cable thing, I think it took around 15 minutes. :D

He's playing/fighting with my naughty little brother.

2 boys and 2 pandas are playing fighting. D:

hahahahaha! He looked so evil! hahahahahaaa.


Daddy's food.


Little brother's children/kid meal, I think.

Brother's & my mummy's food. Yes, that's pancake. No, they didn't share, so yes, they ordered the same thing.

The parade thingy, got other pictures but again, I'm lazy.

Weee!! Goofy in our hotel! ♥ (Mickey & Minnie Mouse queue are hella long, some people including me and my family don't bother to queue up for hours just to get a picture of us together. :D Goofy(♥♥♥) made me do this pose.

Ha! A family picture with Goofy in it. :D ♥

Wee! I can drive! :D

My little brother & my daddy's.

My brother's. Wahh, that old man also play.

Nice castle!

I look ike I'm showing off, I swear, I wasn't!

Nice mirror. :D

Part of the hotel lobby.

Another part of the hotel lobby.


Donald Duck still wins! :/

Cute chair!

The hotel. :D

Forgot what's so special about this lift.

Nice door!

Please Do Not Disturb sign. :D

Entrance tickets. Don't know why we got 2 Donald Duck.

Is this "Quilt" in English? No idea, never use that one in English. -.-

Mickey Mouse again!

This is the first time I see a hotel provides digital clock with alarm. -.-

Nice plastic bag! :D

Another side of the plastic bag. :D

Wearing those isn't as fun as I thought. and how weird, they put refrigerator under that. -.-

They have these in between the beds. :D

This picture will look nicer .. without the hand.

The magic carpet. :D

I've been wondering, they put there to let us take away, as gift? :D

Meal coupun. :D

Pretty christmas tree in the hotel lobby.

Entrance of the hotel.

Decoration I think.

*****I wrote this on 22 November 08. -.- -.- and, some of the pictures I edited the colouring, and some I didn't edit the colouring, that's why sometimes you'll see some pictures with gorgeous colours & lightings, and some pictures with normal colourings & lightings. -.- Oh and you might find some grammar errors, whatever. I don't write and type without typos and grammar error when I'm hyper, or happy. :D

Maybe I should edit & upload the rest of those interesting photos and then post the album links here. I hope the pictures won't die because I deleted the edited version (the pictures I posted up).

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