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Christmas is so love. <3
Thursday, 25 December 2008/ 14:05/
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YAY! I got the Twilight series novels as Christmas present. :D from my <333 mummy. Too bad they're not a box set and hard cover, but then it's fine. :D As for my daddy, hehe, persuading him for something. :D He made me ate so many vegetables. :(

My brother got a DSLR camera (one thousand bucks plus plus!! darn) as his Christms present! wtf! :D Sony, since he can also atten class or something to learn photography. pfft! I'm sure he can draw better than me. :( Woahh, he might be our personal photographer after he finished the classes. :D muahahahaa.

as for my youngest brother, -.- he got a toy lol. A car with the control thingy, don't know what they call it. :D you use the control thingy to control the car. Yeah. Considered as toys.. I think. No?

I miss my little cousin. :/ he's not coming to my house today. His Christmas present is still here. lol.

I think I need to prevent bookworms, I saw some recently. Urgh. They don't even look anything like these, not even anywhere near cute. :(

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