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bye bye christmas :(
Friday, 26 December 2008/ 00:50/
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Ohmygod how many entries have I made for Christmas? Nevermind. Anyway, it's sorta sad to see Christmas going away. :(

Why is Christmas only a day? and same to birthdays. A day / 24 hours is so short. :( Whyyyy. If they make it longer, we'll get less Merry advanced Christmas and Merry belated Christmas, and then we'll be happier. :D Same goes to birthday. -.- "Happy advanced Birthday!" "Happy belated Birthday!" -.-

That's great if 36 hours = a day. But if the sun, stars and moon won't cooperate, it'd be weird. We might have dinner when the Sun is burning everyone, and breakfast when the Moon is smiling at you. :D Maybe supper while looking at the beautiful sunset, or afternoon tea when the moon and stars are shining brightly.

Woah, which means you can have breakfast when the sky says it's evening, night, and midnight; Afternoon tea at morning, midnight and night; Dinner at morning, midnight, afternoon; Supper at morning, afternoon, midnight. SO WEIRD!! but muahahahaha it might be fun. :D

Woahh off-topic and I wrote so many impossible stuffs. -.- (someone whispers:"nothing is impossible!" yeahh I know ilysm. :D)

Okayy back to the topic, wait, what was the topic? Back to nothing. -.-

Anyway, goodbye Christmas and Santa Claus. See you two next year. I'll miss youu. *sobs* Byeeeee!

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