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and so the lion fell in love with the lamb
Monday, 1 December 2008/ 21:16/
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:D :D I watched Twilight today!! Weee!! Not really a disappointment, in fact, I love it. :D Different people has different opinion, understood. Since they're doing the 2nd movie, so the ending is very understandable. :D I don't mind watching for the 2nd time, but I want the DVD too. :O Original. :D I'm a quality-freak and a little anti-pirated for the stuffs I love (excluded some off the anti-list. :D)

The movie itself is quite long, I wanted to pee 30minutes before the movie ends but I just couldn't let myself miss any second of the movie. :D :D

& the book, is basically out of stock everywhere, or at least most bookstores. :(

I don't feel like going out on Wednesday, must I go? Sigh. Most of the times I go out, I feel meaningless & pointless, but mostly exclude the movie part. One wants to watch 3D, another one wants to watch 2D. Okay, I'll go watch 4D. You see, I don't really mind, in fact, I prefer to download and watch. :D comfy.

oh ya, I finished sorting and choosing the pictures of the hong kong trip, I guess I'll update with that soon. Depends, mainly on my mood and "schedule". :D :D I don't have a schedule, I mostly do things randomly and without plans. -.-

What a catchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

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