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Saturday, 25 October 2008/ 17:42/
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My internet is hella slow lately, don't know what is wrong with shitmyx/slowmyx/snailmyx, I want the WiMax. ;( Ok, I mean, if it's that fast. :D TMNet never felt shameful before right? It's like they never really improve, seriously. -.- Or maybe I should stuck my laptop on another side of my room which is nearer to the wireless modem, but but but my daddy or mummy will scold me. -.- Nevermind, forget about it.

Inspired from a friend ♥ I was bored anyway. :D

My study table, or the place where I studied. Ok, it's the same. I mean, also the place I'm sitting now, but with a lovely laptop on the table and more neater, I think.

Chair!! ♥ It's so comfortable. Actually, I only stuck my books on the table, and then I sit on the chair and study, rarely put my books on the table and study. :D :D How can I study without a comfortable chair. :D It's comfortable, but I won't get sleepy. :D Oh by the way, my daddy replaced the chair with another one, similar one, different colour, and uhm "fatter". I think this current one can sit 2 person. -.-

:D :D I don't know what they call this, but when I study until very sleepy, I'll just stand on it and turn and turn and turn. So fun! :D You see, it's better than watching tv. I'm still playing it now anyway! :D :D :D

Gee, this reminds me that my house no more yogurts. :( anyway, I eat this when I'm slighty hungry and when I study not-so-important thing. So yum yum! :D

OK I don't think I wanna play with this anymore. :( They say the smell will comfort orwhateveritis you, and I guess I can concentrate better too. But the smell, smells like those incenses that I can smell everyday if I want to. -.- and it's quite dangerous, if you put a tissue under/around/on it, the tissue will burn. No, I did not do that, I read it on the internet. OK fine, I did it. -.- But you can't blame me, I didn't know it would burn. -.-

& my mummy made some pineapple tarts and banana cakes few weeks ago, but I forgot to take pictures of the banana cakes. Nice! :D I did help out ok! You're right, I did not. ;x iCarly was airing and it was too nice, so :D and that was just an excuse. ;x

p/s: Enchanted so nice! I know I'm super late, but :D the movie is ♥.
p/p/s: If you really want to view the images in full size, firefox: rightclick -> show image. Internet explorer I forgot already.
p/p/p/s: no more "song for you"! :D since I'm hella lazy to update it, it's not like I have nothing else to do.
p/p/p/p/s: I NEED BOOKS NOVELS!! Please! :D

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