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no moar PMR!
Sunday, 19 October 2008/ 00:38/
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Hello! Yes, I am not dead. and yay for the end of PMR! I've been watching a lot of my unwatched movies recently since drum roll please it's the end of PMR. :D It was exciting until I got home for few hours, super relax. ;x

Now I have nothing realy to worry about, other than some of my personal problems that I can't think of now and might not want to tell, and the PMR result. I think I might not getting straight A's judging from my last trial paper I sat for before PMR, and also the Chinese essay I wrote for the PMR (I wrote craps).

I'm very scared, very very scared, I know it's now a big deal for not getting straight A's and I don't think it's a big deal too, but I'd be sad if I get 1B, really, and I dont know why. I can't imagine the reaction of mine when I got my no-straight-A's result. I'm sure the day is my upcoming nightmare, I hope they kinda announce it last minute. ;x

I didn't really sleep well during PMR, I mean, it was hard to fall asleep, quite easy to fall asleep during the afternoon though. Perhaps the reason is I'm tired during the afternoon, and I took a 2 hours nap so I can't sleep, lol I don't know.

&& yes, I'm already afraid of my so-far-unknown-result after the first few hours of no-more-PMR-excitement-and-relaxing. Even when my friend congratulating me for the end of PMR (she's few hours late), I don't feel the happiness already. Sigh, I need something to revive the feeling lol. & I think I might be the only one who feel scared so soon. -.-


This was typed few hours ago, perhaps no more the feelings. lol.

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