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Boooooooooooooks! :D
Sunday, 26 October 2008/ 20:10/
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:D :D Today's sucha special day. Because my mum and my brothers went back to my mummy's hometown, I had to follow my daddy out for breakfast, and then I asked him to bring me to the MPH Warehouse Sales. :D :D It took me, like, few minutes to convince him, with a few pauses. :D But he brought me to his office, and ask me to write some cheques. :( :( :( the cheques also not for me leh!!

& then after few hours, he finally finished his work. -.- His office very boring. :D :D :D I was hella excited when when we started the journey, to the location of the sales. :D :D :D :D

Anyway, it was quite hot. -.- So many people, and quite messy too. & I was, quite lost. :/

so fat. -.-

not enough, I want to get, Twilight series, and and PS ILY. :D :( Don't know why I didn't see them today. Mehh.. oh and, why the author name is so much more obvious than the book's title?

:D :D

This is yummy. :D I mean, YUMMY! :D This is the first time I see this food though. Safe to eat la, for sure.

Just in case you wanna go, go here to check the infos. 27 Oct 08 is the the last day. :D

Thank you kritz, for telling me this thingy :D

I think I'm addicted to novels lately. :( :( :( I'm hella excited when I talk about these books. :D :D :D :D Maybe because I recently is in love with rock songs, but the rock songs, are not related to books. -.- Nevermind. &&&Geline! Remember to bring, the Ellen Foster. :D :D :D


lameeee, I think.

oh oh and I didn't go home straight after that, we went to somewhere around PJ to visit my grandgrandma. She's a poor sad thing. :( and then we go buy dvds and dinner. -.- I think I spent the whole day with my daddy, this is rare. :D

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