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Y Si Fuera Ella
Tuesday, 30 September 2008/ 01:50/
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Just now went to a friend's blog, ohmygod I must say he's one of the most chiqing (what is it in English?) guy I've ever met. Chiqing, Google Translate says something like very passion for love. He like that girl for years already, and then now broke up still liking her, and I guess when he saw her he'll be happy. Last time, I chatted with the girl happilly, and then he sighed and told me she's very cold to him and they rarely have topics to talk. -.- I bet he is still the emo-ish guy, he need to get over her. Good luck!

and today's the last day of tuition! Yay! I swear, most of the times when I go to tuition I'll go home along with flu. -.- and I often sleep when teacher teaches. ;x He talk talk talk talk, and then write the meaning on the whiteboard, and my tuition class is super duper annoyingly noisy, plus I talk to no one, super boring. -.-

and ohmygod Jiun, I only realized today, that your dog is hella super duper fuper cute! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and and Kritz's drawing is super duper fuper cute too!!

He drew a lot but I only saved 3, lazy to ask him send already. These 3 are the cutest, I think. :D Got another one quite bloody but I lazy to save. -.- Made of win. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

p/s: translating from Internet Chinese to English is made of shits. -.- Use proper-er Chinese la.
p/p/s: I don't know the meaning of my blog title. Anybody want to tell me? Don't use translate tools (example Google Translate), thank you. lol.

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