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Super shot update.
Saturday, 6 September 2008/ 15:19/
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Eating alone is never fun, especially when you're in a restaurant.

and afhkjndkjKNvhksdfd Gossip Girl 2x01 :D I watched it. Thanks to mister tong for reminding me, and dffiofldknfjk don't spoil me la. pfft! I wanna knwo it myself. :(

Anyonne know a good video converter, which converts most formats to most formats, without losing much qualities? :( I have a HDTV mv and it's in a not-so-popular-format. :( I tried SUPER and AnyVideoConverter but both killed the quality.

Good luck for everyone (including me :D) who's going to sit for UPSR, and trials of PMR and SPM. lol. I'm clueless for the next PMR trial, anyone can tell me the date?

p/s: I never download any porn thingy la fdshkjfbdhjkngvhskdfnvndkmvfvcfhjklzjb -.-

p/p/s: WiMax faster come to puchong because I want to use youuu. lol.

p/p/p/s: politics super chixin + weird + complicated, I wish there's a country without politics issues.

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