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Eat you up.
Sunday, 14 September 2008/ 16:31/
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I have to blog because I don't want to see the name whenever I land on my blog, you can scroll down to see what name I'm talking about. Lol. btu fihdskjnydgfheugol recently my downloads and internet are effing slow la yhbfuhesiuhsdnk. Do you know I've been complaining to many people before for quite a long time and still no changes until now? :( :( :( :( kill tmnet, burn the building of tmnet, what else I can do to revenge? So I hope the internet can be faster and I can have WiMax when they come to Puchong, and the computer to run faster, and etc etc.

Anyway, I'm still spamming my last.fm with BoA's Eat You Up teaser sometimes. But it's only 1m 4s, I can't get enough of that. My last.fm says I already played it for 47 times, and plus 1 because I played once in my mp4, or more, so I played it at least for 48 times. :D :D :D hella great. :D <3333

and weee! daddy just got back from China and he bought so many chocolates from KLIA. :D :D Lol.

Anyway, received this email. lol.

When Computer Experts
Get Bored...They Create

Stuff Like This!!!





ohmygod cute!

bad cat.

you made me laugh.

oh bytheway, my mummy says my PMR is hella near, so I cannot online/use the computer until PMR ends. :( I hope I still can play at least once a week since my resultss improved. :D :D more movies to watch. Good bye. <3

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