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Sunday, 3 August 2008/ 20:28/
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ish! I love and hate Sunday (not the Sunday from TSZX! I love her. :D), because Sunday can go shopping sometimes, otherwise stay at home staring at the laptop screen for the whole day until my eyes became blind also who cares, and it's sort of relaxing. :D oh and allowance :D :D but I hate Sunday because the next day is Monday and we have school (this reminds me, that I haven't cut my not-exactly-long nails aish!), and I cannot sleep around midnight, all because of school! Aish! Pfft! *self reminder* tomorrow got KH test and you haven't study! and real trials coming soon so you better study moar.

this post is not going to have any pictures I think, because it's around 12pm already. Gonna type this asap. But anyway, SHIT! 8tv is showing MAA now and I'm stucked in my not watching :( any repeat of the show? E.L.Fs! Upload if you recorded pretty please. :D

ok I take back my words, I browsed my photobucket and saw this unused header, I ps-ed it, I think it's suckish by the way, no I'm not trying to ask you to tell me it's awesome or whatever shits, I just truly think it's not good. -.-

click to enlarge

oh in addition to that, I also thing this post is full of craps. gosh! Ok since this post is full of craps, it's ok if I make it worse. :D Christian Bale is hot! He is hot, smoking hot! Can you see the smoke around him?! If you can't, go get a spectacle or pair of contact lenses. :D

Anyway, me and Kritz is going to watch The Dark Knight again tomorrow, jump straight away from school to the cinema, no need to buy tickets. :D :D hehe, as if we really can jump. -.- Anyway, good luck with your nuffnang thingy la.
p/s: get me Christian Bale instead of that weird thingy pretty puhlease? *puppy eyes*

Bye and good night, it's 12.12am already. so, good morning too!

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