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Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest
Tuesday, 19 August 2008/ 21:56/
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:/ didn't want to join this Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest, and it's 11.30pm now, 30 minutes more before the competition ends. -.- I didn't want to join cause' I was really lazy to browse around the items they got in the shop. and I am joining this because of Kritz! I'm so hella awesome loh!

I didn't had a hard time on deciding which thingy to give, and etc, cause' Kritz suggested me this cute robot (p/s: not as cute as Wall-E!)(I bet he was inspired by Wall-E, trust me.), so I crapped a lot. -.-

OK I'm super lame at writing this thingy wtf. -.- you gotta forgive me for writing! Anyway, I'm giving this Remote Controlled Robot to Blake! He is a nuffy so I know he's disqualified! :D Mr. YJM you gotta be happy cause' seriously I have to link to your blog which will increase your blog traffic. ;x and this entry is like half-dedicated for you. Aish!

This robot can be controlled by infrared ray, and it can walk(cannot walk then useless already ok?), dance, grooves, deliver karate chop, pick up and throw objects.

First thing came into my mind after knowing the functions was,

Kritz: why?
Me: he can learn dances from the robot HAHAHAHA!
Kritz: lol

Yes yes! Otherwise dance with the robot like there's no tomorrow! and yes yes! This Blake always dance, and not much people will dance with him, so this robot might be perfect for him! I pitied him when I saw him dance alone because nobody go dance and go gaga with him! :D I wonder if his brother will glare at him, or complain to their mummy, or go dance with him. I think if he ever got this robot his brother will snatch it away and play with it too!

and then since that robot can pick and throw stuffs, it can help him to do some works given by his mummy, and also the robot might help in his mum's shop too! He's so lazy, definitely a useful him. (not that I'm hardworking -.- )

Oh ya, how can I forgot the another point?! THE ROBOT CAN CARRY BLAKE! Weeeeee! Because it's a robot right? I don't care if the robot is stable enough to carry him or not, but one thing for sure Blake is lazy, so he might want the robot to carry him and walk to school. (accompany him also not bad) LOL Maybe the robot can swing / throw Blake (p/s: on your repeat mode) and it might help him to throw some fats away! Weeeeeeeeee! You want to have a slimmer body isn't it?

Too bad the robot can't talk -.- Otherwise Blake can gossip with the robot, talk about sex highly with the robot and etc. -.- and then we the friends do not need to suffer! :D :D oh and too bad the robot cannot play musics, you see, if it can talk, and play music, and dance with the music, ohmygod awesome! We might see a robot dancing ballad to a sad song!

OK I guess this is the end, I really don't know the deliver karate chop thingy, maybe it can help his mother though. :D :D

No worries Kritz, you'll get an ipod which appeared in your dreams for billion times (ok I don't know if he dreamt about ipod!) if I ever win lololololol.

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