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Saturday, 23 August 2008/ 01:52/
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( Warning: I don't know what I'm typing in this post.)

Ahhh I'm so tired now, it's 2am now, and I'm not sleeping, simply because I don't feel like sleeping, or maybe I do feel like sleeping. mummy daddy, i'm hungry now! my stomach is fluttering because there's butterflies in my stomach! lol too much of gossip girl. Anyway, I'm half-awake now, and my eyes are half-opened now, and I'm yawning non-stop now ohmygod I seriously need to sleep but I don't know why I'm still here typing. Maybe because I can't get enough of eljay, cause' I can't go there now, urgh! Seriously, i need to close some tabs so that I can go to eljay, i think those websites are the problems. urgh ihy! urgh and to mediafire, my file doesn't have virus so why are you telling me there's virus, poor and awful virus scanning urgh ihytoo! your free service is getting worse so ihy. Sendspace loves to delete files so I need to upload to other places but megaupload was being slow urgh. I hate eljay when it doesn't work (my computer problem only wtf), and everyone's telling me to sleep but I'm not sleeping ohmygod I'm so stubborn afvyubskjuayfsbhfasijckbanibjakjefbjusz IMY eljay yebfhkjdswifhdskjsdhuhssdkjsjskj you better comeback after I woke up because I can't live without eljay ohmygod lol. you see i told you i'm half-awake, no paragraphs. ohmygod. urgh. i should make this entry neater, should i? or maybe not?

last but not least, why the heck are you reading this ohmygod you're sure bored or something cause' if i'm you i won't be reading.


corrected some -.- typos.

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