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I think I'm cursed.
Sunday, 31 August 2008/ 20:24/
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ohmygod. I think I have some curse thingy on me, because whenever I told somebody things that will happen soon, it will not happen because it was cancelled. -.- I told Kritz about the back to hometown thingy, and my mummy suddenly pop up tell me grandpa is not in hometown now, so we're not going back. -.- Last time I told iforgotwho I'm going to Sunway, and then my mummy tell me she's busy so we won't be going. -.- Oh and if I imagined something, then it won't happen. -.-

OHMYGOD my download speed is so fast ohmygod, is it because that Streamyx is scared of wimax or what? I finished downloading a 64mb file in 5 minutes which usually might take one hour to finish. -.- and this 100mb file, 5 minutes left and I only started the download 10 minutes ago. ohmygod around 155kbps now. :D I still want WiMax. :/ I lost the paper telling the informations of the promotions. :( :( ok wtf the download speed is slowing down.

Pink line: super slow speed. :( :( :(
Blue line: I downloaded the files one by one, so you can guess that the speed was really fast. :( but not always. :(

Anyway, Happy Independence Day to Malaysia, so I hope the petrol price won't fly to the sky again, and also be really fair to every races. Yea, impossible. I don't know why I feel like today's just a normal and typical Sunday. -.- and weeeeeeeeeee! Tomorrow no school! ♥

To someone who doesn't read my blog I think, not my ex-bf. -.-
No matter how guilty you feel, things won't go back to how it was, it doesn't really matter if I forgive you or not, it's just pointless, we won't be that close anymore. Deal with it. My life is better without you. kthanksbye.

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