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I need to finish my homework. :(
Tuesday, 19 August 2008/ 00:46/
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Went to Genting on Saturday, and came back on Sunday. :D Energizer sponsor / gave us vouchers so we can get discounts. They're moar and moar generous than HP, last time HP one -.- room small until I don't want to stay in the First World Hotel anymore.

Anyway, might update more after I got the pictures off the camera. :D I loveeeeeeeeeeeee my daddy's camera.

Oh and, I saw So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia contestants there. They were there to perform I think, but I missed the performance. :D :D I think they dined with us too, of course different tables la. :D

( meme, tagged by Kritz ) :D

Number : idontknow. maybe 11. or 13 because "only13", or 5 or 7. Haiya i dont know la.

Colour : If it's nice then I like.

Day : Uhm, relaxing days.

Month : August or December :D

Song : Most of the songs that are in my head now.

Food : Anything nice la.

Sport : none maybe.

Drink : depends loh, sometimes this sometimes that.

Candy : just candies. :D

Ice Cream : chocolate, or maybe strawberry.

Season : Winter! ok I love all but summer, so hot -.-

Band : Lazy to mention all la.

Movie : Bebebebebebebeee THE DARK KNIGHT ftw!

Website : eljay and BoAjjang. :/ Although your hsot died for really long but I'm really glad that it's working again. :D

Animal : eee i dont want any.

Item of Clothing : i dont know.

Word : i dont know.

Place : The happiest and most relaxing place of the world, with super good technology and internet. :D

I tag : humans and humans. oh and jo. Muahaha less news.

Shall continue next time. I need to finish the workbook given by my school. Urgh! Serious torture I tell you, I thought I can sleep eat online and play, so relaxing. :( plans became soup already! :/

p/s: Happy Birthday Bong! aka GD. :D ILY ILY and ILY!

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