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Happy Friday!
Friday, 1 August 2008/ 22:11/
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Gosh I loveeee Fridays! Especially when we're having some exams. When we have this major exam, we have some "official" trials, and before having these trials, we have these trials-of-trials. -.- The trials-of-trials are so pointless, but I studied, so no need to study too hard and memorize more stuffs before the real trials. :D

Grr, the only thing I hate about today is, the internet is slow, downloading uploading sending and etc are slower than snails, youtube loading slowly, pages loading slower than trying to sleep with your both eyes open.

Oh and today's the first day of 2008 PIKOM PC Fair (ii) in KL and I forgot where. Go to the PIKOM site and see the cute UFO and aliens! :D :D Cuteness! I lazy to screencap :D


Me, Miss Lee and Yjm. our hands. :D

p/s: Miss Lee you want the original file or not? o.0

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