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Genting Trip
Friday, 29 August 2008/ 16:08/
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The Genting trip was 2 weeks ago. -.- I'm lazy to pictures, thank you for doing all the cute talkings.
click to enlarge the images.

me and my brother.

yay for the family picture!

we were gaga-ing.

see the half bright half dark? :D :D

wee! Energizer!

My lil' brother with his machine gun, is it machine gun? oh balloon.

the restaurant I had breakfast at, so many things. :D

my and my brother again. lol.

darker. -.-

wee did I scared you? ok I don't think this is scary enough.

what about this? it's blur-er. :D

Asam Laksa is hot and spicy. :D

I forgot this game, but I got super wet after playing this. -.-

Anyway, I remember I vomitted after playing the turn turn turn cup (lol I don't know the name of the game), my lil' brother turned the thingy too fast! Urgh, he made me sat somewhere alone and do nothing but staring for hours. Ohmygod torture. :( and then I saw people lining up at the exit of the games, are they blind?

Ohmygod almost forgot, I saw a few contestants from Malaysia So You Think You Can Dance. :D I didn't know until my mummy tell me. -.-

&& gotten a few (or most) of my PMR trial papers back, sigh. 2nd trial coming soon.

Ok, I'm sleepy, it's almost 1am here. So, bye and night. :D

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