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about me.
Monday, 9 June 2008/ 11:02/
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ok, since that info about me is too little, I'm writing this thingy lol. and I'm bad at doing this kind of intros. -.-

This girl's name is FionaChan (Japanese: フィオナ・ちゃん ; Korean: 피오나 찬) :D. 20 August is her birthday, presents and wishes please? :D :D She's currently engaged to Tom Felton, yes you saw it right, THE Tom Felton. ♥♥ Oh, Ashton Kutcher talked to me once. :D And Tokio Hotel members all said hi and thank you to me.

Anyway, there're dreamyfiona, friendlyfiona, happyfiona, excitedfiona, smartfiona, meanfiona, artisticfiona, grumpyfiona, sadfiona, terriblefiona, idiotfiona, fangirlfiona, boredfiona, whinyfiona, ridiculousfiona and etc. :D You might just meet all of them :D

Angeline & Vivian are my bffs ♥.

Lee Yi Shen/LYS/Twin is my twin. Not biological twin, but we have the same birthday, and our birth time, only a few minutes apart. We have a loooott other similarities, and they're a little scary and weird at times, but it's okay, he's my twin. :D

There are a loooot more friends that I care a looot, you should know. ;) and even if we're not as close anymore, I still care. Sigh, I miss you.

me and my two younger brothers. :D You see, it's a love/hate relationship. I can bully my brothers, but if you do, I might have to kill you, especially if you're a ridiculous slut.

I loveeeee dolphin, and dolphin shows! :D :D They are sooo cute!

I am a fangirl, in a looooot of fandoms. I also listens to mostly Japanese, Korean and English songs. Not that I understand Japanese & Korean language anyway. Why care about the language when the song is nice? Plus, if the lyrics are horrible, you wouldn't know anyway. Ludicrous songs lyrics could kill the mood and quality, meh. Anywayyy, I think I started listening to these 2 around 2005/2006? :D Early bird here kay! I rarely listen to Chinese and Cantonese songs now..

I'm studying at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which is located at Hogsmeade, Scotland - Highland, United Kingdom. :D Do not touch my wand and broomstick!

OK I think I talked wrote too much. My links! :D

Email me, Last.fm, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook (don't add me if I don't know you!), cbox, Friendster (extremely inactive), MySpace, Graphic Resources

Oops forgot, I have two primary schools.
S.R.J.K. (C) Tai Thung, Salak South:
2000 - 1J
2001 - 2H
2002 - 3M
2003 - 4M
2004 - 5M

S.R.J.K. (C) Yoke Name, O.U.G, KL:
2005 - 6Y

List my secondary school & classes after I graduated la :D

and my awesome wishlist! :D
Wishlists: barnesandnoble, amazon.com

Livejournal Paid Account/Permanent Account, BB's Photobook!!, YB's Mini Album, BB Lightstick, Lee Hyori - It's Hyorish, Jewelry Holder 1, Jewelry Holder 2, Jewelry Holder 3, Jewelry Holder 4, Jewelry Holder 5, Tiffany Notes letter 'F' round pendant, or Elsa Peretti® letter "F" pendant, CZ Star Huggie Earrings, BANGS Notebook, FILA Belt, Big Show Hoodie, Stand Up Parka, iPod Classic 60GB or iPod Nano 16GB.

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