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Happy Birthday Blake
Saturday, 12 July 2008/ 21:25/
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Happy 15th birthday to Blake!

the birthday guy

He's one of the meanest guy I've ever met.

He's the camwhore, he can even snap pictures in class and school.

He's love musics and is dumb, he even made a music blog.

He's crazy.

He loves to eat.

He's a hero wanna-be. He's the attention seeker.

He's the fan of Keroro Gunsou. Why you never join the fanlistings?

He's the gossip boy.

He loves his beloved beautiful dog.

The viewable-and-uneatable-cake, for you. ;p

end of the birthday pics spam. ;x All pictures taken from his blog. I never save your pictures into my pc, no worries. ;x Happy Birthday!

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