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Bored ; ; The reasons why hackers will hack you
Sunday, 20 July 2008/ 18:41/
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I've decided to do some trick in my previous post, so that nobody could read whatever I wrote. (: I don't wanna delete cause' someday, when I feel free to backtrack and read all my old entries, I can read that entry. :D

I'm so bored here. I'm cleaning my bookmarks, I have so many bookmarks, that 24 hours are obviously not enough. I also found that I have a lot of same and repeated bookmarks. -.- and I went to hop from blogs to blogs, found no interesting blog. -.-

tyadfsgvvvvvvvvvvvfaibfu I'M STILL BORED! The Cheetah DVD Burner is like -.- -.- Converting at the snail's speed. I waited for hours, and still not yet done. Now I restarted my laptop, I have to wait, again. I'm converting a 700mb file not 7gb, why is it taking so long? :( Lemme think of a topic to write........... *10 minutes later*

ok, The reasons why hackers will hack you.
1. They hate you.
So obvious la, if they hate you and they know how to hack, what's the point of not hacking you? lol.

2. Nothing to do.
They too boring liao, so instead of blogging like what I am doing, they go and hack you.

3. Bored.
Same as above la. lol.

4. Childish
Which mature human will hack you, unless they're working for don't know what company and need the data in your harddrive la.

5. For fun
lol, is it fun? Yes for hackers, not at all for victims.

6. Use your account / site / whatever as testing tools
uhm, i dont know how this came into my mind. lol.

7. They're dumb
Of course la, they go and hack when there's a lot better things to do.

Somehow, LOL ALL THE REASONS ARE -.- SIMILAR. I TOLD YOU I AM BORED. and I ain't a hacker right? How would I know the real reason? All the "reasons" I wrote are more like cold jokes that make you speechless. -.-

Man, I'm loving megaupload, the speed is like, awesome. but sometimes, maybe because of my laptop, the speed is even slower than mediafire. =.=;; It is pretty random to me. Anyway, have you ever seen people spamming their personal blog not download blog with the download links?

and lastly, I WANT TO GO TO MTV ASIA AWARDS! damnit.

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